Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Peg People!! Ornaments or Gift Tags or...??? So fun!

homemade by jill: homemade holidays: this year's ornaments

OH!! I like each of these, but, I am particularly draw to those PEG PEOPLE!! Wouldn't they make great gift tags for ANY occasion! And personalized, too... Or even a Peg People family for my daughter's doll house!! Hm... that might work with the old fashioned clothes pins, too... Check out the cute chickadee ornaments that would also work for gift tags or just to hang around the house for their cuteness. I would!! In fact, I may have to do just that!!

Enjoy looking at all the crafty fun!!


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MaryL said...

Hey Celita! Just wanted to send you a link to my new Christian blog :) http://mywordthatgoesforth.blogspot.com/ Hugs!! Mary :)