Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, My!!! Etched Owl Glasses!!!

homemade by jill: etched owl glasses (click the link!)

I know, right? You are wondering where I have been... Well, getting up my nerve to face all the things I have yet to post. SOOO behind. Been challenging to keep up. So sorry, but so grateful that you are still there.

I just had to show you this very fun and feasible crafty idea!!! I am going through an OWLS faze. I organized an Owl themed party for my daughter's 7th birthday in December (which I have yet to post), and all that Owl-cuteness-overload is still flowing over. This idea is BRILLIANT! And, Jill makes it seem easy to pull off. May be worth a try for those looking for a unique and not too expensive gift idea, maybe even for an owl party. Love it!

Hope you find it as smile-making as I do! Have a great day!!


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