Thursday, May 3, 2012

Far too long, I know... But... a GIVEAWAY!!!

So, I know I have not been around for FAR TOO LONG. I know it, and I have a stockpile of art to post. Only... I had to make some changes in storing my things, and now it is not as convenient. Not to mention how little I am online these days. I WILL do it soon. That is on my list of to-do. Only... today I have to support the work of another artist. Her name is Francesca Quartraro, and she has the simplest, sweetest art drawings/paintings of children. I truly love them. She is having a giveaway, and so I thought to share with you her site, and the opportunity of winning with you. All you have to do is link her blog to your own blog and post on her, or on Facebook, copy the address that you have mentioned her, then go back to her site, the post where she has the giveaway, leave a comment and the address of where you mentioned her pasted with it. Not hard... at all. So... Click HERE for her site and the post of the giveaway (all in Italian) ... and click HERE for examples of her work. Below are some immediate examples of her art from her newsletters (there are some other very lovely ones on her site)
... Have a great day!!

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Rebecca said...

So nice to meet you...thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post. It has encouraged me to keep posting.
Sometimes it gets a little discouraging when all readers want is another pretty picture. Bless you today.
... and I have been away too long also :)
PS. Wow, Italy! Somewhere I have not been but it is on the top of my list.