Friday, December 9, 2011

Current Redirected Inspiration... Snowflake Art...

I have found new inspiration!! My interest in papercutting has been redirected for the time being to papercut snowflakes! Even my kids are following suit, as can be seen by the many creations now decorating our windows and glass doors!! Art for a house to wear! NICE!

Here are the ones that I have created so far. I got the idea from a few contacts on Flickr. They created not just various snowflake forms but movement and people and LIFE. I did not think I could do it, but... I did! They have been surprisingly easier to create than I expected. I am very happy with them.

You will notice that Snowflake Art #5 is missing from the group. That is because it is being used for another project, which I will post about when it is complete and ready to show. For now, here you go! :-)


Snowflake Art #1 Roots And Wings... (Got this from a song... Below are the lyrics and other info...)... One of my favorites. Very personal. It is a song I remember from my youth. While it did not mean as much then, it means very much to me now that I have my own children. Funny how things DO sometimes come back to you from the past. This has been a blessings to remember.

Singer: Clay Crosse
Song: Give Him Roots
Got lyrics from HERE

So many voices in his ear
Are they playing on his fears
It's a bad situation
All the way around
But with a solid foundation
He's gonna stand his ground

Take a little time
Plant the seeds
Give him reason to believe

Give him roots, and give him wings
And he'll grow up to do great things
Let him know the joy that he brings
Teach him the value of the truth
Oh you gotta give him roots, give him wings

When he comes to you
And he needs your help
And he's so unsure of himself
Give him vision
So he can see the Light
Let him know the difference between
Wrong and right

Share the wisdom
Of your peers
There'll be laughter
There'll be tears

He should aim as high as the sky
There ain't nothing he can't do
If he'll only try


Snowflake Art #2 Cross-hatched Butterflies...


Snowflake Art #3 Spreading Seeds...


Snowflake Art #4 Growing...


Snowflake Art #6 Abuela's Hummingbird Flower... (This one is dedicated to my Abuela. She loves hummingbirds. I thought of this idea while half awake and half asleep. It will be sent to her as a gift, so family DO NOT say anything.) :-)


Snowflake Art #7 Flight of the Hawks for Anthony...


Anonymous said...

I love the one with the hummingbirds! All very beautiful, my creative sissy!
Love you!

daysease said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by. I am happy with it, too... Thank you! Love you, too!