Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Post On... "How to Feel Miserable As An Artist"...

I know. I know. I have not posted in a while. I was just going write here to tell you what I have been up to when I found something I just had to share. You see, I have been feeling a little, hm, not uninspired as I have LOTS of ideas, as much as unmotivated, to create adn accomplish them. I have been doing creative things just not in my usual avenues. I have some projects that are way overdue, and yet, even with my mental coaching of "finish what you start", I cannot seem to get there. Sigh... I am sorry. So sorry. I want to do more, but life is getting in the way bigtime.

You see, we have moved our little apartment-like living space into a house living space, and I have been spending time getting everything in order. We have ordered furniture, recieved said furniture, spent time cleaning the dust that seems to always come back as if I have not cleaned it before, and just trying to settle in.

Like I said, I have been creative, but just not in normal ways. Positioning furniture perfectly is an art, I believe. hahah... But aside from that I have been brainstorming a design to have etched in the marble that will go on our marble steps landing. I made my youngest son a bookmark to fill up his empty side table a little bit. I am in baking mode, with Thanksgiving prodding me to comfort foods. And I have been planning out where to put pictures, thinking of plots and story lines for a kids' book I would like to write. And... Hm... there are so many little things that have been scattered throughout my days, but nothing to show for it. I have also slacked in my picture-taking. NO! I know!

My husband has accomplished cementwork, and a VERY original island for our kitchen. Of course I had my say, but he put it together.

So, that is more or less what I have been up to...

Now, I would like to refer you to THIS POST that Dave wrote. He does not reference these words, as they are not his own, but... they are brilliant, and a wonderful and much needed reminder to me. Hope they are to YOU as well.

Have a good day. Blessings. Be creative as unto the Lord!! Have fun with it!!

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