Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy Crafting For My Son...

I have not been papercutting very much, but I have been keeping busy. In these days I have been making things to keep my nearly-four-year-old son happy. The other day he was sad that he did not have as many things in his bedside table like his older brothers, and to help him add something fun to his I made him a bookmark with some scraps of paper, an ad with an image that resembles Superman, and a sock tag that had the image of Lightning McQueen on it. Together it turned out to be one of his favorite items, and he doesn't even read yet. When he started leaving it lying around, I put it in his bedside table drawer for him to rediscover at another time.

Today my second son made this not-a-toddler-anymore son of mine a dinosaur out of paper, but it was flimsy enough that when he tried to play with it, the foot broke off. So... I stablized it on an old cereal box and then cut it out again. But... the foot broke off again,even so. He got really upset, so I decided to go a bit more drastic in saving this dino. I got another old cereal box, took apart the seam, colored some scenery on the gray side all around it, taped up the seam again, taped the dino on the scenery and then taped the entire box across all of the colored "torso". It did not have the top or bottom flaps. I cut those off before. But the whole "torso" of the box was intact. After taping it all together, it stood on its own, and the dino was no longer in danger of extinction at the grubby hands of my rough boy. He watched Ice Age with it nearby, even as he held two other toy dinos, and he placed it standing up, cereal-box-style on his nightstand when he took a nap. He even realized he could use it to put on his head as a hat, of sorts. It has been a very nice toy to distract him with today.

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