Monday, February 14, 2011

February 2011...A Valentine Cut For My Beloved...

Ecclesiastes 4:12b says, "A three-strand cord is not easily broken."

My husband and I are part of a "three-strand cord". The main source is our God who IS Love. His love reaches forth individually to each of us and binds us together. No matter the storms or hard times of this life, as we stay within His love, there is hope; and He will protect us. He grows His love in each of us so we can love each other better, and it flows over into our love for our children.

Each flower represents each blessing He has given to us- the ones we're able to watch bloom and grow, and the one waiting for us in Jesus' arms.

We are blessed; I know that. I am blessed; I know that.

Celebrating God- the only God of True Love- and His workings in my marriage...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 8, 2011... An Obedience Cut...

Titled: Blooming Hope

You know... one thing I have learned in my walk of faith is... when the Lord directs you to do something, obey, without analyzing, doubting, questioning, giving conflicting advice to yourself, etc... I mean, if you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW what you are to do, do it with all your heart- even if the world will think you are crazy.

I do it often, my husband just mentioned this observation yesterday as I relayed to him what I was up to. I want to be so sensitive to God's voice that I do and know that I have to do it and go- point blank. I have asked the God to help me have a childlike faith, and I think this is one area He has often challenged me to do just that. Trust and faith.

So, a year ago I had a feeling to do something. I did ask God, "um, is that Your voice, or me just imagining it?" I asked for confirmation for the task I felt that I needed to accomplish. Not for doubt, but to secure the purpose in my brain. He knows me, and He knows that I do not want to do something in His name that is not of Him; and I sure hate messing up. So... He gave me confirmation.

What was it, you may be asking? What was it that He put on my heart about a year ago, that I am JUST getting to? sigh...

I have two actors on my heart. Yup. I have been praying and interceding for them. One is an old classic movie actress, and the other is a young comedic sort. Either way, they have become a constant, pressing topic of prayer for me. And, I felt almost a year ago to make a card for the elderly actress and send it to her. Hm.

Now, yes, you may think I am crazy, but... I would remind you, what am I really losing by trying? I could effect positive change for Jesus by simply obeying His voice. I don't know the lives of others. I do not know what my simple act can accomplish. I DO know that I will receive "WHY would you do that?" in very dubious and critical tones. Already have (from someone other than my husband, just to be clear). But, I WILL obey my Jesus. I will practice obedience in the small things, so I can be faithful to obey in the big.

So, here it is. Almost a year later after asking God to give me inspiration for a card, as... if the desire came from Him, I sure wanted the whole subject to continue under Him and not be directed by my hand. This is HIS deal. I am just an instrument. The other day, the idea just flowed from my hands, and when it was complete, I knew it is for her.

I Googled the lead I had to an address for her. As you must know that lots of lies are spread on the internet, and I wanted to be careful to have what I thought would be the REAL thing. So...I believe I have found the address, and just sent it out this morning.

May God heal her heart from sin's ravaging and pain. May He save her heart and bring her rest in His presence. May He do so also with you, dear one.

I hope you will pray for ANYONE that God puts on your heart. You just never know how He will use those very words from your heart. He knows who needs someone to intercede. He knows the details, I am just an itty-bitty part of His grand plan. Help me pray for this card to reach her and touch her heart. Won't you?