Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 17, 2011... A Thank You To Our Pediatrician...

Title: Thank You!!

We have lived here in Italy for nearly a complete 7 and a half years now. These years have been full of lots of things, one of which is sickness. My kids have had a good long run of illness and medications, some serious, some run-of-the-mill, and some odd. All in all, I MUST say a tremendous "Thank You" to the dearest pediatrician in our lives, Dr. N.

You have been a blessing to us in so many ways. Your kindness, gentleness, professionalism, and care stand out above so many, and I am honored to be blessed with you in our lives.

Your care has extended out to us in ways you were not obligated to show it, and yet, in spite of your busy schedule and high demand for your services, you have made time for me and my family. I cannot thank you enough.

Here is a little "thank you" from my heart. The five leafy plants represent my five growing children. The pink flower (it is a deeper pink in person) represents me, and the blue represents my husband. It is a simple cut, but I like it just for that...

(So you all know... I am going through an artistic slump, and, frankly, I needed a simple project to allow myself to feel okay that I accomplished something, but have not been able to get myself to accomplish very much. I am working on it.)
Anyhow... this simple cut may not be much to look at, but I assure you that it is part of my heart, and actually signifies big things.

Thank you, Dr. N. We love you!!!

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