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Book Review for: Mr. Shipley's Governess by Joanne Troppello...

Mr. Shipley’s Governess by Joanne Troppello

Sophie Baird is an elementary school teacher faced with the challenge of moving on through life while dealing with the fresh wounds of tragedy. Deciding that she needs a change, Sophie takes a position as tutor for the Shipley family: comprised of the young widower, Sebastian Shipley, and his sickly nine-year-old daughter, Anastasia.

This story recounts Sophie’s journey back to hope, faith, and healing; as she finds that she is able, once again, to trust and to love. As the story progresses, it seems that the heart changes are occurring in others of the Shipley household as well. These changes reveal a budding love between Sophie and Mr. Shipley, and complete devotion between Sophie and Anastasia.

The first thing I noticed about the “feel” of this book is that I became very emotionally involved with the characters. They are real-to-life. It was interesting to see that I had difficulty remembering that the story is contemporary. For some reason my mind related to the story as an historical novel, and I was startled several times in the midst of reading by a phrase or exclamation that encouraged me to return, and reassured me of it being, present day. It was an intriguing sort of occurrence.

I was blessed by two incidences of miraculous intervention: once with Sophie, who was battling with doubt, fear and mistrust of God. She received confirmation of God’s passionate love for her from a very surprising and unlikely source. I related to this and was overwhelmed to tears of gratitude and amazement. (God is so good.) The other had to do with Anastasia, her faith in a good God, and God’s ability to speak to the heart of a child.

Other elements that I enjoyed were the references to Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, and the sites around Belfast, Ireland. The details still ring longing in my heart to see what she saw in her travels.

This book can certainly be labelled a “Christian Romance Novel”. It is easy to read and flows nicely. It is not weighty nor overly long–drawn-out. I believe is perfect for busy moms or overly stressed persons who long to read something sweet and something that includes many encouraging reminders, but who do not want to add any more stress to the day. I enjoyed it, and I am actually considering reading it again even though I have just completed the first run-through.

I would recommend this book to other moms or women who miss reading more often, but haven’t a lot of time, or who have become accustomed to light reading based on too much distraction in life and/or a busy and intense lifestyle. It is light reading but thoroughly enjoyable.

As it is an e-book, it was a bit more challenging for me to get to through while maintaining the needs of my home and family. That may not be problem for all, though. I would have preferred having a paperback in hand, but the story was enjoyable enough to help me forgive that point and make time in the evenings to complete it.

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