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Book Review for: The Brave Young Knight by Karen Kingsbury...

This is a book review for The Brave Young Knight written by Karen Kingsbury and illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard. (Release Date: April 2011)

In the last few months I have felt impressed of the Lord to give a call to my four little knights, especially, to be young men of honor and integrity. They are not easy concepts to grasp when you are 10, 8, 6, and 3, but this book has been an effective addition to my campaign for their souls.

I am overjoyed to be able to share this book with you. Before I begin I would like to make an observation how the dedications at the beginning of the story express such joy and celebration of the blessing of children. That warms my heart!

This is a story about a young knight who is kind, helpful, smart, fast, and strong. He is always available to one in need and thoughtful towards all. This young knight lives in the West Village, one of four villages that make up the kingdom.

The king of the land is looking for a prince and calls one man from each village to compete for this honor. Whoever can prove to be the bravest will receive the crown.

Before the competition, the young knight’s father reminds him, in spite of his insecurities, “My son, the bravest knight is not always the fastest. Follow God and he will help you run the race… My son, the bravest knight is not always the strongest. Faith in God will give you the strength you need… My son, the bravest knight is not always the smartest. Ask God and he will give you great wisdom.”

The competition begins with, what seems to be, failure, but it ends with a fantastic lesson on the value of integrity, honesty, honor, and a reminder how God “rewards those who diligently seek Him.” It also speaks of persevering through trials; honesty when it would be easier to be dishonest; the importance of dedicating choices to God so He can help us follow the correct paths and do what is right; and, overall, it is about having faith, communication, and trust in God so that He can “help you run the race”, “give you the strength you need”, and “give you great wisdom.”

The story is remarkable in content, easy to follow, and makes its way straight to the heart. The illustrations are warm, attractive, and a perfect compliment to the story. It is a simple and valuable tool that can aid a parent or loving adult to explain the value God puts on a heart surrendered to Him, and the importance of Godly morals throughout life and challenges.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a little boy. While this book is stated to be for boys between the ages of 4 and 7, I would personally extend the age to even 9. The message is clear and is certainly applicable for all ages; not to mention that it is presented beautifully.

By the way, I was not obligated to give a positive review. When I have good material to work with, it is easy to enjoy and to say good things about it. Blessings!

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