Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Review for: JESUS CALLING 365 devotions for kids...

JESUS CALLING 365 Devotions for Kids is written by Sarah Young.

First, I was extremely excited that it is a hardcover version. Thank you! I opened to the "dedication" page and was touched by the legacy left by a loving mother, who had the wisdom to encourage and the sensitivity to the Lord to be blessed by the lessons her daughter was learning.

I was ministered to as I read the introduction. This phrase especially spoke to my heart, "Let go of your worries and relax in the quiet stillness of My Presence." Various different devotional lessons not only reach out to the heart of the children, but to my heart as the reading mother. That is because it is all based on God's word and the loving messages spoken to an open heart.

I love how the author makes the point of encouraging the readers and listeners to develop a lifestyle of LISTENING to God. When we listen, He will speak. These devotions for every day are very simple, but very direct. Meant to be understandable to children, they are also simple enough for the adult whose mind is just too overwelmed with the trials and challenges of this life. That is where I am at. I NEEDED something simple. I got it, and I am so grateful to the Lord for providing the opportunity to read these excerpts and for helping me to have a heart that wants to hear.

I have been practicing listening to God's voice for years now, but even this "seasoned" believer needed the basic reminders shared in this book. They speak of God's character and His immense, personal, and unconditional love for us. What mother would NOT want that influence for her child? I highly recommend this book for children even 5 and up. Though that young will require some explanation, I still think it's a valuable conversation starter for young ones, too. And depending on your child, even that age can grasp the concepts if backed up. I love the cover art: bright, colorful, and simply sweet. This is easy reading, which helped me to WANT to read it. And, I actually wrote in my journal that I think the title should read: JESUS CALLING 365 devotions for kids (and for adults needing simple childlike reminders for the heart). I also really like that there are "Read On Your Own" sections- extra verses to back up the day's devotion- and the special verse pages between months. Great and encouraging tidbits to remind the soul to "encourage yourself daily".

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I wasn't required to write a positive review. These opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

Talia just got that JESUS CALLING book for kids, and we got the original one as well as a gift.
We love it. Rob & Kim Pierce gave it to us when they visited last week. It's a blessing. Words from the Holy Spirit with scripture reference as well. Beautiful start to devotional & prayer time.
Thanks for your review. Do your kids like it? Do you have the Jesus Calling book for adults?
<>< Giovanni