Monday, August 2, 2010

July 2010... "Tiaras And Tophats" Birthday Party, Crafts, and Initial Cuts...

E is for Elise...

I is for Isabella...

See my post on our family blog for complete details on the party...

Here are some crafts that I did for the party.

The theme was the combination of two children's books: Fancy Nancy and Gigi: God's Little Princess. All I can say is that this party was great fun! The joy was in the details. Like what? Sprinkles over bananas and apples to make them look fancy and bright. Butterfly wings created from sparkly material rubber banded or pinned on clothing with pipe cleaner handles created to attach them to little hands (So forming the wings). Tiara and shield crafts. Tissue paper corsages, and netted flowers to wrap in the hair. There were even heart shaped balloons and rainbow colored yarn to string to them. And, of course there was lots of play time in the park where the party was held.

These things are still being used even these days after the party. They are enjoying them so. Simple, but effective for stimulating the imagination and making pretty little girls feel like they are going to a ball. Yay!

Thank you for inviting us! What a sweet memory!! My kids had a blast!

Creative Crafty Time: Collaging with cloth and anything else and other stuff, too.

This is the design down the front of the skirt dress. I took green pipe cleaners and formed a vine. I filled in with leaves from an old bouquet of blue roses that someone gave me when Luca was born. I took some old paper roses and water colored them in pink and purple. I then took a butterfly from an old shirt and watercolored it yellow. I then glued on the wings of a discarded and broken butterfly that normally is in flower arrangements. I love it!

I hung ribbons off the shoulder, and to decorate the front I took an already formed ribbon bow for presents and glued on a large button I have saved for a while.

Apron made from discarded purple umbrella, an old sash I have held onto for years, and lots of ribbon. The wide pink ribbons were from when Miranda was born. Seemed fitting to use them for this special purpose. I love to wear this apron myself. I used it to brighten up the dark of the dress itself. The dark dress was an old skirt someone had passed onto me. It had a bleach mark and was put into my craft box. I knew it would come to good use! The apron covered the bleach spot so nicely, too. :-)

Center purple flower and the two green leaves are made from rolled pipe cleaners. The gold edges are cardboard covered with gold present ribbon. All were hot glued in place.

Copper tiara, worked and wound around itself into the form of a tiara.

Tophat created by using cardboard circle with center cut out, glued to black posterboard on both sides. Center cut out again. Rolled long length of black posterboard to create tall part and stapled. Bottom edge was wripped about every inch and a half and stapled and glued down to hold to rim. Feathers added for detail. The top is open.

Sword made from a piece of wood from an old shutter. Wrapped in aluminum foil, then taped down with clear tape. Handle was also taped to prevent any possibility of splinters. Name of child was written on paper then placed on handle before taping.

Luca in his tophat...

Miranda in her homemade princess dress... Good thing she is the only girl. I could not see doing that for four girls. hahahah.... Took me a day and a half to complete all of the crafty things for the party. I loved it, but it was a long process. Thank you to my family for their support of my crazy creative splurges. :-)

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