Sunday, April 18, 2010

For My Two Favorite V's...

V is for Violet... Violet's V

V is for Vivienne... Vivienne's V

First, whoever may know whom my two favorite V's are... Please do not mention this post, as I hope these cuts will be a surprise for them and their parents. :-) Thank you.

Now... March was a very special month for our family. My twin nieces were born and easily melted our hearts. Even across so many miles, I am smitten.

I have wanted to make a special gift for them and just came up with what I would deem a perfect gift for each of them. It is timeless and is personal. It is sweet and full of whimsy. And, more importantly, it is from my heart.

So, my dear sweet V's. Titi sends lots of love and a sweet kiss for your brows. I cannot wait to meet you and to pour all kinds of love on you. Hopefully soon...


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