Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quotes From a Professing "Junker"... Love them!!

Oh, I think I have just discovered some very new and very lovely favorite quotes!!!

"Rust is not crust it is patina, chippy is spiffy, cracks are never whacked, mix matched is perfect, bling is king, old is gold, tattered and battered pings and dings are character, and everybody just loves instant ancestors."


"When I look at the parts I will see potential projects, interesting artifacts, rusty crusty perfection in the haphazard collection of discarded remains of unrelated items of little value that to the untrained eye just look like junk. I will see the usefulness and beauty beyond what lies in front of me where the flight of imagination can make these things anything I dream them to be. And that is what my guy sees in me, a beautiful mess of parts and pieces, some interesting, some rusty and crusty, a pretty haphazard collection of humanity."


"What every good junkers knows is that nothing is what it seems, everything has potential, and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder."

The post is so beautifully written, I just HAD to recommend it. It is a metaphor of sorts as well, as you will see when you read it. So lovely.

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Hi Celita,

I like all the great adjectives in the first one.

God bless you, Ron