Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, 2010... Valentine's Day Card To My Hubby...

Your Love Is Woven Into My Heart...

Above is a picture of my wedding day. And beneath is the card I made for my husband for this Valentine's Day.

"My Beloved, My husband- Anthony,

Love is a journey I have CHOSEN to make... even knowing the risks. I have worked so hard to hope and joy in our life together, to grow in faith, and to nurture each seed of potential, in the kids and in you, because I... care.

Sometimes it hurts to love so much. The vulnerability it puts us at sometimes leaves me feeling very uncomfortable, but... I have chosen to journey, to grow, to heal, and to trust in and surrender to our Lord on behalf our marriage. By doing so, I have discovered how to enjoy our days together, how to find little things to be thankful for in every difficult moment, and I have only eager desires to be better... for you, for our kids, and for our Lord


Because growing together is better than having a life free of challenge. I would hate a life without you laughing at my silly jokes or long-drawn-out narrations, or watching you play with and tickle the kids, or watching your mind work at problem solving. Because you are my "match" in every way. I compliment you, and you compliment me. I do not claim to understand you completely, but I want to. I have prayed for "you" since I was 12 years old. And, God chose you to be my companion, my best friend, my parenting partner, my "head" because He knew that together we could accomplish so very much.

Your brother's toast at our wedding is one I treasure forever... "God must have smiled when you were born because He knew you would marry my brother."

I smile because it is confirmation to me that His ways and timing are... PERFECT. I love you!"



Faith Imagined said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing such wonderful words. I am going to go give my hubby a big hug!

daysease said...

Thank you so much. And, I am sure your hubby appreciated the hug... :-)

Nathalie Thompson said...

What a beautiful post. And your card is both lovely and lovingly made (clever use of weaving). I also love the "Stroll" card in your previous post. You are so talented with paper!

Alas, you didn't win my Thread of HOPE giveaway, but I wanted to thank you for joining in. Have a beautiful day. :)