Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010... Miss Sandy's Take Along Tag... A Crafter's Dream Pouch...

The larger view of the Take Along Tag that Miss Sandy made...

Take Along Tag, second picture. Check out the details... (place for glue stick, mini scissors, a flower-topped pencil to sketch with...needles, spools with ribbon on them...)

The "Paper pretties..." (Oh, I love them! Aren't they enchanting?)

I am amazed by the creativity of so many artists in my blogging world. Today, I literally said, "be still my heart" at this project by Miss Sandy.

This is my comment to Miss Sandy:
"OH, Be still my heart!!! What a gorgeous, stupendous, amazingingly creative, whimsical, and thought inspiring "Take Along Tag". It is... too lovely for words. Really. I love every thought-filled addition. It makes me smile with sweet pleasure. and those "Paper pretties such as lacy stamped paper shapes, sweet tweet circles, shabby little birds"... Oh to have a mini vacation just touching such lovelies. Wonderful and inspirational work, Miss Sandy. Just... a breath of creative fresh air. Needed that, thank you."

And, I meant EVERY word!

Click HERE to go to her home page!

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