Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quotes From a Professing "Junker"... Love them!!

Oh, I think I have just discovered some very new and very lovely favorite quotes!!!

"Rust is not crust it is patina, chippy is spiffy, cracks are never whacked, mix matched is perfect, bling is king, old is gold, tattered and battered pings and dings are character, and everybody just loves instant ancestors."


"When I look at the parts I will see potential projects, interesting artifacts, rusty crusty perfection in the haphazard collection of discarded remains of unrelated items of little value that to the untrained eye just look like junk. I will see the usefulness and beauty beyond what lies in front of me where the flight of imagination can make these things anything I dream them to be. And that is what my guy sees in me, a beautiful mess of parts and pieces, some interesting, some rusty and crusty, a pretty haphazard collection of humanity."


"What every good junkers knows is that nothing is what it seems, everything has potential, and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder."

The post is so beautifully written, I just HAD to recommend it. It is a metaphor of sorts as well, as you will see when you read it. So lovely.

Click on any of the quotes to go to the original post of Miss Sandy...

February 24, 2010...The Waiting...

I have been doing some browsing on the topic of Steampunk, and was inspired to try my hand at doing a cut touching on the subject. There is a very busy clock, which you may notice is not right. I made the mistake of drawing the cut correctly on the back, which made the cut show up backwards when completely finished, but... it suits the cut somehow. Like a symbol of going back in time? Anyhow, I am happy with the result.

I made the swirly inner parts of the edge of the clock, hoping they would resemble, somehow, the Edison lightbulb, and lightning coming from them as symbols of electricity. The part with writing in it was actually a tracing from a metal piece that fell off of a bureau of ours. The lady is leaning against the wall... waiting. For what? What do YOU think?

As I do not have copper or lots of metal looking paper, I did the best I can with colors resembling them. Bronze, copper, and such metals were big at the time.

A bit of trivia... For the Roman numeral of 4 we use this symbol "IV", right? Did you know that there are clocks, and this is perfectly acceptable, that have "IIII" on them? Click here and go to the section labled "IIII and IV" to see why.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010... The Curtain...

My friend and distant cousin to my husband, Gabriella, recently had a baby. This is our gift to her... I wanted to make something that would be used even once she is no longer an infant. The main colors of her nursery are so wonderful: Red, Lilac, and Fuchsia. Aren't they so bright and beautiful? I hope this will fit right in. :-)

So, dear, sweet Alessia, I send all of our love, and prayers that God will touch your heart to follow Him. We love you!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, 2010... Valentine's Day Card To My Hubby...

Your Love Is Woven Into My Heart...

Above is a picture of my wedding day. And beneath is the card I made for my husband for this Valentine's Day.

"My Beloved, My husband- Anthony,

Love is a journey I have CHOSEN to make... even knowing the risks. I have worked so hard to hope and joy in our life together, to grow in faith, and to nurture each seed of potential, in the kids and in you, because I... care.

Sometimes it hurts to love so much. The vulnerability it puts us at sometimes leaves me feeling very uncomfortable, but... I have chosen to journey, to grow, to heal, and to trust in and surrender to our Lord on behalf our marriage. By doing so, I have discovered how to enjoy our days together, how to find little things to be thankful for in every difficult moment, and I have only eager desires to be better... for you, for our kids, and for our Lord


Because growing together is better than having a life free of challenge. I would hate a life without you laughing at my silly jokes or long-drawn-out narrations, or watching you play with and tickle the kids, or watching your mind work at problem solving. Because you are my "match" in every way. I compliment you, and you compliment me. I do not claim to understand you completely, but I want to. I have prayed for "you" since I was 12 years old. And, God chose you to be my companion, my best friend, my parenting partner, my "head" because He knew that together we could accomplish so very much.

Your brother's toast at our wedding is one I treasure forever... "God must have smiled when you were born because He knew you would marry my brother."

I smile because it is confirmation to me that His ways and timing are... PERFECT. I love you!"


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010... Miss Sandy's Take Along Tag... A Crafter's Dream Pouch...

The larger view of the Take Along Tag that Miss Sandy made...

Take Along Tag, second picture. Check out the details... (place for glue stick, mini scissors, a flower-topped pencil to sketch with...needles, spools with ribbon on them...)

The "Paper pretties..." (Oh, I love them! Aren't they enchanting?)

I am amazed by the creativity of so many artists in my blogging world. Today, I literally said, "be still my heart" at this project by Miss Sandy.

This is my comment to Miss Sandy:
"OH, Be still my heart!!! What a gorgeous, stupendous, amazingingly creative, whimsical, and thought inspiring "Take Along Tag". It is... too lovely for words. Really. I love every thought-filled addition. It makes me smile with sweet pleasure. and those "Paper pretties such as lacy stamped paper shapes, sweet tweet circles, shabby little birds"... Oh to have a mini vacation just touching such lovelies. Wonderful and inspirational work, Miss Sandy. Just... a breath of creative fresh air. Needed that, thank you."

And, I meant EVERY word!

Click HERE to go to her home page!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010... My Son's Journal With A New Collaged Face...

So, a week or so ago my son begged me for a real journal, not just a notebook to write in. Since I write in one myself, I thought it might be a great opportunity to teach him the joy and blessing of the written art and expression. I went through my things and came across an old daytimer that I was planning on using for a journal myself. It has great lines down each page, and the dates can be covered over or ignored. It was a little smaller than I preferred, but I also knew that I would not buy one for the same purpose if I did not have to. After my son asked me for one, I decided it would be the perfect size for him. He saw its black, fake leatheryness and asked if we could put something nicer on the front. "Of course, just let me think on it"...

I have kept bits and pieces of paper for-EVER. I see an ad or an image in a newspaper or magazine, and if it is allowed, I take it and put it in my stash. I have a pretty good collection that I am very careful about how they are used. After going through, I found bits that I just knew I had to give to this project. Art from old catalogues that speak of God's faithfulnes to us, encouragements, funny images, even thought provoking images... they are on the cover or scattered within on different pages. I presented it to him, and... He loved it!! He keeps going back to look through it- as do each of the kids.

I love to make something new from something old. I also love when it can bring a smile to someone's face, and when it can encourage their hearts. Is there something you can do for someone else that may have the same effect? It is worth acting out on that. Life is short. Make the most of it!

Have a great day!!

Don't forget to check out the book where one of my papercuts has been published!! And the site also has a "monthy zine" where I am February's guest artist. :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010... On A Very Different Creative Note...

Oh, friends, sometimes I come across creative ideas at sites of fellow bloggy friends that just make my heart leap with joy and interest to create. As a way of bookmarking the ideas I have seen today, I will be sharing them with you...

Please go to the link below to see the neatest ideas for brooches and charm bracelets, necklaces and such... I am personally drawn to the zipper rose, the wire nest with the pearl eggs, and that bee charm. I will just have to try to replicate at least the first two. Feel free to browse her other posts by clicking the HOME button at the bottom of her page. I assure you, there is much to see, and all of it very interesting.

So different, so neat.

February 3, 2010...Informative Update...


I just want to clarify something for you. The site where I am February's featured guest artist (link below) has a button to the top right of the page called "Monthly Zine". Click on that and then scroll down to where you will see "Guest Artist: Celita Perillo". I mention it only because it did not register in my mind, at first, that I needed to scroll down and that there was more to see.

Enjoy browsing, here and at the following linked site. May you find something that inspires you to create, hope, or enjoy... MORE!!! Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010... February Guest Spot On Webzine...

What a pleasant surprise to, first, receive the book in the mail. Now, I have a second surprise!!

I am being featured as a guest artist on this site !!!Tell me that is not simply exciting!

I received this comment today on my post about the book...

"When I first saw your paper cuts, I was amazed and intrigued. I knew you had a unique talent for creating these beautiful paper works of art and they needed to be showcased. Our book was the perfect avenue for presenting you and your art to the world and you are the guest artist in our Feb. zine-which can also be found via the link you have already provided. Thank You so much for being a part of this fun endeavor!"

We are in February! Check into the website to see more about my guest artist spot. Click on the top, right-hand button that says "Monthly Zine".

Thank you, Cindy and Sherre, for this very interesting, inspiring, and fun opportunity!!!

February 2, 2010... Printed Papercuts Are Everywhere!!...

Apparently, there is a rush of books being released in this season. Here is a book that has the works of my papercutting friend, LaDonna Welter. Her work is amazing. I am always in awe of her talent and her whimsical touch to paper. Please go to her blog to see more... And to specifically see information on the book that has her works printed in them...

Congrats, LaDonna!! I am so proud of and for you!! Blessings to you!

January 30, 2010... My Niece And Her Gifts...

Here is my niece with the two cuts she received as part of her gift from my family.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010... In Print!!...

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to receive a long-awaited item in the mail. Do you remember that I told you that I was to have a project printed in a book? Well, here it is!!!

The Book is called Exploring The Latest Trends In Mixed Media Art, Volume II: Recycled, Reinspired, Reinvented and it is by Sherre Hulbert and Cynthia Powell.

Not only are their art pieces showcased in this book, but so are the projects of several guests artists, including ME!!

My thoughts regarding the book…

"I love to have so many craft possibilities at my fingertips. It’s overwhelming… all of this creative fun!

The creators of this book, Sherre Hulbert and Cynthia Powell, are talented enough that they could have put this whole book together based on only their own works. I am honored, though, to be counted amidst the guest artists and to be part of this project. My own work seems so “simple” in comparison to the others’, but it IS different from what is already presented.

Almost every project is eye candy for my creative soul. Each makes me want to create, create, create, and to go through my packratted stash, to study and find something new and different to make. (And to live in a craft and hobby store.
;-) )

The pieces used to detail certain projects make me long to see them in person: to flip through the altered books; to touch the handles and hardware; to open the decorated boxes; to hear the jingle of the fascinating, attractive jewelry; and to take my ordinary, everyday, seemingless “junk” and use it to form a new thing of beauty. There are many supplies of which I am not familiar. They make me “itch” to experiment with new mediums.

I love the mystery, nostalgia, creativity, delicacy, and diversity of the projects presented in this book. They each make me want to see… MORE!

I would gather that the basic theme of this book could be “Beauty is all around us. Gather its bits and pieces, and create something uniquely yours.” And perhaps, “Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other thing-creators.” :-)

I tried to list some of my most favourite projects, ones that “called out” to me for me to try my hand at, but… the list was too long and ended up being at least every other project. LOL… :-)

As stated in the title, there are three sections: Recycled, Reinspired, and Reinvented. I assure you that some of these ideas are simply mind opening. The use of objects like rusted washers, baby blocks, floppy disks, and plastic tubing, just to name a few, just might make you rethink throwing said items away. The desire to rediscover a use for old objects might become very overwhelming, but it can also be quite rewarding, too, as you watch a simple idea blossom into a display to use for a gift or to use in your own home.

I hope that I have wetted your taste buds enough to entice you to check out the book for yourself. You can find information on how and where to purchase it at