Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6, 2009 Just Back From The Beach...

We have just returned from the beach. Although I took my papercutting equipment with me, I did not have the opportunity to do any cuts. :-( I was sad about that, but I believe that my creative break was also a little necessary.

Anyhow, here is the newest cut based on a wooden piece of art that we picked up from someone selling them on the beach. I loved it at first glance, knew I wanted it, and knew I wanted to see how I could do a papercut on it.

(Note to my papercutting buddies: is that allowed?)

Blessed And Joyful...

That is how I feel about motherhood, even with all of its challenges, difficulties, and passing milestones... I miss my babies already, for my baby is a toddler now, and my others are getting so big so very fast. sigh...

This is the wooden piece of art that we bought, alongside the papercut. There are some differences that I added or took away in making the cut. I really like it... It is very simple, but lovely.

This papercut is a gift to a very good friend of mine, Kathy. She just celebrated her birthday while we were away.

Kathy, Love you. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

If you desire to see it in larger form, just click the picture.

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