Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Less is more???...

I have had to do some soul-searching both spiritually and creatively in the last few minutes, and I realized... I am not a fan of "less is more"!! In my papercuts I have come to relish color, while still appreciating the works of fellow papercutters whose work is more muted in tone.

I am going through a phase, let us call it, of wanting color, color, and more color. And less color is not satisfying to me.

The last two cuts I made are an exception, though. There is a time for everything, it says in Ecclesiastes, and those two cuts needed to be more calm.

I have seen that my life, in general, often reflects little desire to live with "less". It is easy to fall into the "unsatisfied" mode and always want more, more, more, but... It is never quite satisfying, is it?

I think there is a good reason why Paul says in the book of Corinthians that he had learned "in whatever state I am in, to be content"... He learned the value of doing with what he had, the value of suffering and still being able to praise and give glory to God with thanksgiving in spite of it.

Ouch! Not such easy lessons to learn, I tell you, but I am learning that I need that.


"Less is more" may not always be comfortable, may not be what I always want, but... Who actually said, or why would we think, that "having it all" is better in the long run?

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