Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet My Snipping Friend, Snippety Gibbet...

Snippety Gibbet and I have been in touch since the beginning of my papercutting journey.

"I'm an elementary art teacher in Virginia who loves to play with scissors and run around outside." This is what she says about herself in her blog profile, but I would also like to add some descriptions of who she is according to my personal relationship with her.

She has been a constant encouragement and encourager and has been extremely patient with every load of questions I have sent her way. She has been a faithful and most enjoyable trade partner. And, she has been such an inspiration as she has generously shared tips, freely displayed her wonderful work, and stretched herself to do new things with her papercuts and other crafts- like beautiful Pysansky eggs.

You must go over to her blog and see her creations. Below are just a few of the beautiful examples of her papercuts, some normal flat ones and others 3-D. Amazing, huh? Who knew such wonderful creations could be made from paper! I also love how her sense of humor is often noticeable in her art forms. (For example: Click HERE...)

I am honored to "know" you, Snippety Gibbet! Thank you for your friendship.

Pysansky Eggs

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Wow!!!!! What an honor, Celita! Thank you, friend. I was thinking the other day that when we started visiting each other's blogs, our art was very similar. That's was intrigued me. We had styles that were different than other snipping artists that I know...except for each other. We both were snipping scenes from our lives. And we have both grown so much in the year or so that we have been blogging, but we have taken different paths in our snipping. I still am so intrigued by your work and truly enjoy seeing all that you are working on. You have been such a great friend to have met, and I am sincerely thankful for your friendship. xox!!! jan