Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009 My Son's 5th Birthday Card...

Luca's Fishy-Flyin' Day

The inspiration for his party and for some of this card comes from a new Dr. Seuss passion that I have. You know the "Fish In The Bowl" or the "Fish In The Pot" that is in "The Cat In The Hat"? Well, Fish is our inspiration for this party, and kites. There is one particular image in my mind of the fish in his pot flying through the air while the handle of the pot is caught on a kite string. This card is quite different from that particular image, but... It has grown on me. It is fun, whimsical, and different, and it still has fish and a kite in it!! :-) Okay the man hanging from the parachute just seemed to fit in somehow... And I am SO into polka dots and stripes, but settled for just polka dots in this one.

A silly one it might be, but it's perfect for my boy number three!!!

So, Luca, Mamma loves you so much!! Happy 5th Birthday!!!

P.S. Click on image to view in larger format... :-)

Oh, and IF you would like to see how the party went, you can click on THIS LINK... Thank you!!!

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