Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009 The Gift Of New Beginnings (for short)...

The Gift Of New Beginnings Because Of One's, Jesus', Loving Sacrifice (for short "The Gift Of New Beginnings..."

This is my Easter card to Anthony this year. Easter, to me, is about Life, Forgiveness, Healing... This is why Easter is special to me. I believe wholeheartedly that celebrating the "holy-days" is important. As much as people might say that we should celebrate them every day- I agree, but...- the Bible is full of moments where God told one of His children to build a memorial to always remember God's blessings, God's faithfulness and love during/after a certain event. In reality, life gets in the way every day of truly remembering and always appreciating Christ's birth and what He did on the cross. We try, but are often distracted.

To me, these days of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, now, Easter- are memorial days... to remember. What an opportunity to do something special, different to possibly draw our kid's hearts closer to Jesus- His way, His truth, His life. To focus on Him and praise Him in a grander way than we do NOT do every other day. What a great time to remember what Life is really about and what really matters.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your loving sacrifice of love to me, to us!!!


Susan94 said...

Thanks for reminding me what life is REALLY about and those Holidays you mentioned are a great time to remind us how much we are thankful.

Mr Lee said...

Hi, perilloparodies
Your work is beautiful!Recently, how are you?Hope your all doing well!We will add something about the works to the blog.Look forward to your visit.

perilloparodies said...

Mr. Lee, i am doing pretty well. thank you. i think it is funny to hear YOU say that my work is beautiful, when your own is stunning, mesmerizing, and quite at a superb level than my own. :-) but... i thank you for your encouragement... blessings to you. Have a great day.

Mr Lee said...

Thank you for your kind words!Coming to your blog We are very pleased to.Enjoy your blog.Have a happy weekend!

Mr Lee said...

Hi, perilloparodies
Bless you forever.Let's keep in touch.