Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 14, 2009 Some "O" Cuts...

From The Same Vine (For Riet... Funny to think that, although we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different things in general, we all came from the same family... Noah's... I hate when people throw around how different we peoples of the earth are. Like one is better than the other. Yes, there are differences, but... we are all from the same line somewhere down the road. Wow, huh?)

Miriam's Scattered Wildflowers (For My Friend, Kathy's, New Baby)

Dragonfly's Garden (used as note to my third son's teachers)

Simple Pleasures... Reading A Book (For Doeki-- and it is a privelege, too... Think about how many cannot read or have had a hard time learning to read... I am, we are, blessed!)

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