Saturday, January 17, 2009

Papercuts-Into-Cards For Christmas Day...

My sister-in-law, Y, with her papercut card and her son's, my nephew N's, nearby

My brother J reading his papercut card

My mom and dad reading my mom's papercut card

My dad reading his papercut card

My brother-in-law, D, and my sister, C, with their papercut cards

My brother-in-law D with my nephew Z's papercut in hand (Dragonfly-ing High)

(I was unable to get my other brother J's picture with his papercut card :-( Oh well.)But this was fun!!!


Uber Crafter Wanna-Be said...

Your papercuts are wonderful! Do you come up with your own original designs?

Nathalie Thompson said...

How blessed your family is! Do you get paper cuts on your fingers from all of the paper cutting you do? :) Your designs are amazing.

perilloparodies said...

yes, Uber Crafter, I do now... I started out by asking other papercut artists if I could practice with their designs, but soon got bored of doing other's work. I tried my hand, and knew I could not go back to copying. I love the art. it is fun, relaxing, and so rewarding. you see results fairly quickly. I love to watch it come together.

Nathalie, Thank you!! So glad to hear from you!! I had my worst crafting cut I ever got was from an xacto knife back in the earlier years of my marriage. I was making a model of my hubby's favorite motorcycle. As I was trimming off extra plastic, it slipped and sliced my THUMB badly. So... I was terrified at first of using an exacto knife again, but i also knew that it would probably be my most enjoyable tool to use. I am so glad I have kept at it. I have NOT had any papercuts or xacto knife cuts really. I suppose it has something, partially, to do with the fact that I use, mostly, cardstock which is pretty thick. It would take a lot to get a papercut from that, I think. I could be wrong, though. Thank God for protecting me from the Papercut Onslaught!!! That WOULD be a real downer. :-)