Friday, December 12, 2008

December 2008 Write-Away Contest Entry: "Rekindled"...

Scribbit hosts a writing contest every month that is so fun to participate in. This month's topic is "Keeping Warm". If you would like more information on how to participate, on prize information, or anything else, please go to this link. Click HERE...

And, without further ado... Here is my own entry.

by Celita Perillo

My fingers linger, suspended, soaking in the warmth emanating from the lapping tendrils of flames. Billowing and curling swirls of smoke escape into the frigid evening air, but in the sphere of the fire's glow, I am relaxed and venture easily into thoughts long ignored or pushed aside in the distractions of my normal every day. It is uncommon, but comfortable, to rest unhindered, spurred to Reality's presence only by cool zephyrs racing by on swift, passing currents.

There is silence except for the pops and crackles of the glowing fire, the last few crickets singing their mellow songs, and the gentle whisper of bat's wings as they flitter and whirl around hunting for their supper.

The darkness is heavy and falls over earth and sky like a cloak draped gracefully over the shoulders of a tired, but most beautiful, lady. I am surrounded by shadows of an abyssal forest, and a sensation- eeriness- glazes over my heart as I imagine a hundred curious eyes watching me from its depths.

Willingly I refocus my attention to the stretching celestial ocean above me and am awed for a thousandth time. The wonder and intricacies of the heavens never cease to amaze me. A shooting star sprints across the broad expanse of sky and its other innumerable companions wink alternately as if deliberating his performance.

After a while, I realize that I have lost track of the passing minutes, and as I gaze into the ebbing blush of the embers, I know that my time has come. I rise hesitantly, not wanting to leave the embracing tranquility, but I know that this moment was meant for rejuvenating and re-instilling hope, peace, and faith in my heart. It has always brought such relief in other exasperating seasons, and this was not an exception. Sure enough, I am full... full of releasing sighs and unfrazzled ponderings. (Deep sigh...)

After dispersing some soil over the sleepy embers, I begin my short journey across the moist,grassy land, across a half of a mile, to my home. I feel refreshed and renewed, and ready to face Life's daily challenges with courage.

I look back to where I had been revelling in nature's bounties, and I am certain that I will be back soon. There will always be the need for a bit of nature and a little bonfire to warm my heart back to sanity and peace once again.


Scribbit said...

What gorgeous imagery you created--I love the woman draped in a shawl.

perilloparodies said...

That is one GREAT compliment coming from you!!! Thank you! :-)Have a wonderful day, and hope you are having fun reading all of the entries!! :-)

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