Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 2008 Write-Away Contest Entry...

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For Faith
by Celita P.

As Faith fastened her gaze on the sun-setting sky, a frown fringed her features with shadows and concern. She had never been one to fret about things she could not change, but in the fading light of life at the moment, it seemed all she could do to release a fraction of the fear that welled up inside. She would attempt not to allow it to overcome every facet of her being, but even her feistiness could not fight off the emotions and thoughts that battled their way to her heart and mind.

There is freedom in faith. There is freedom in hope; and when we are liberated in them, we are then able to be free to love fully and completely.

Faith had had a reminder of this truth but months before when she had lost her fourth child to miscarriage. As traumatic as the experience had been, as it always is, there were two things which encouraged her to continue enduring on: faith and hope.

Her faith that God would help her, and that all things served a purpose no matter how wonderful or formidable, calmed her enough to let in hope; and when hope began to grow in her tired soul, the weight of the circumstances surrounding her, and the sad feelings of loss, were obscured by an indescribable sense of peace.

Only, here she was, overlooking the floor of the valley stretching out before her, her view from a quiet precipice, and panic threatened to foray her tranquility and to inundate her with frenzied ponderings.

Just days before, tests confirmed that she had another child growing within her womb. Although there was certainly pleasure and gladness over the concept of this new child to love and care for, her heart faltered and filled with debilitating fear."What if's" clamored for answers, only to be met by doubtful silence. Frustrations mounted, stemming from insecurities and worry.

Faith's soul was reaching out, imploring the passing cloudlets and twittering, flittering finches for some measure of relief, anything that would help to comfort and reassure her that everything would be fine, but no audible assistance came from them. In desperation, a faint prayer escaped her tight lips, "Help... I need help!"

At this admission, she sank to her knees and a flood of tears formulated and surged forth. She placed quivering hands over her full eyes and sobbed for what seemed like half an eternity. Then, as someone drops a message into the narrow neck of a bottle, the words "Choose Joy" gently redirected her focus and helped her to gather her fragmented emotions back together again.

"Choose Joy"?

But... it was simpler to embrace grief, even if it was assumed and not reality yet. It was easier to welcome self-pity, or anger, or any other such feeling. But joy?

With but an ounce of feeble courage, Faith entertained ideas of how to rid herself of this smothering fear. As she thought, "Choose Joy!" glared out like a vision from her weak and fatigued soul.

"Choose Joy"...

Faith let her mind wander to the possibilities. Perhaps her unfounded fears were causing more trouble than their worth. Perhaps positiveness was a key to escaping this cloud of despair.


For a moment Faith returned to the lessons learned a few months before, "There is freedom in faith. There is freedom in hope. And when we are liberated in them, we are then able to be free to love fully and completely."

The sun blinked once more before resting behind a distant mountain. For her, it was confirmation. This was the key... To have faith... to have hope... to choose joy, and then... to love.

A sigh released the final chains of fear and doubt that had been lingering by her heart, and as she arose from her place on the dampening earth, Faith smiled and rested her hand on her abdomen...

So Faith's legacy would be hope, and Joy would flourish and grow in the light of her love.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1


Scribbit said...

Choose joy--I like that.

Octamom said...

Beautiful! I'm so thrilled to read your entry--you are more creative than me--I just can't seem to get a bead on writing 'F'--great job!!!


MoziEsmé said...

Beautiful! I love how you tie everything together in this...