Friday, November 7, 2008

July 2008 Writing Contest Entry...

July Writing Contest Entry: "A 'Wonder Woman's' Bad Day Turned Right"...

This is my entry for these two writing contests. I decided to do one that might be used for both as time these days has been limited and stressed, but I still wanted to accomplish this. Hope you like it.

"A 'Wonder Woman's' Bad Day Turned Right"
By C. Perillo

I'd had it! Bedtime was closing in, but not soon enough. I had reached my pinnacle of tolerance. Patience had slipped away, discouraged by the activities of the day. Inundated with whining, fighting, back-talk, and "inadherence" to rules or requests to do some chore or another, all had me restless and feeling a need for escape.

Was it something in the water? Was it a full moon? Surely these little, wild creatures belonged to someone else? For a moment I wished it were so, but I repented shortly after as I remembered that, in the midst of all the misbehaviour, my four year old had taken time out of his disobedience to remind me that he thought I was beautiful. "Mamma, you are boowiful", he had said, with a sweet smile on his normally mischievous face. And in that moment my soul tried hard to believe it.

Perhaps my dubious feelings stemmed from more than the actions of my children. I had recently noticed a barrage of discontentment infiltrate slowly into my thoughts. Many pertained to the discouragement I felt at officially entering the frumpy side of life. Evidence of my initiation was the noticeable "fluff" attached to my hips, the sandpapered callouses at my heels, and my wardrobe reflected a minimum of four different adventures in weight gain and loss.

Between childbirths and nursing, my body was screaming for peace. Varicose veins had begun their trek of discomfort, and my feet had stopped finding relief from rest or being propped up. I felt like a raggedy mom of five trying to manage my marriage, my home, my family, and other various things with only minimal energy and a heart attitude that was less than satisfactory.

Beautiful... Five moms in one, being pulled in ten directions, and still expected to stretch some more. The stress and negativity prompted feelings resembling a panic attack, and at that point I knew... Something had to give. I had passed other difficult moments before. Funny how easily I had forgotten how.

Beautiful? I had learned through many other challenges that I could surpass a lot if I was in the correct frame of mind. And at the time, I was not. But I needed to be. Here I was, remembering once again how difficult it sometimes is to switch from negative to positive, but also knowing what great relief would come if I did it.

So... I began my journey to renewed joy. And it started with a desire to do better and knowing I needed help to do it. In this moment of necessary quiet, I commenced the only way I knew how- by counting my blessings and being grateful to God for it all. From the simplest to the most unbelievable and miraculous, I spouted them off. As I did, bit- by -bit the weight of a darkened soul was released into light.

In the end, I could look up, facing my responsibility with joy, hope, and out of love. I could accept how I looked and remember that "I'd rather be a happy chubby woman than a cranky skinny one." I was still frumpy, still uncomfortable, and still stretched, but I had rediscovered peace.

My soul condition was renewed and full of life. Even on the worst of days, I could again keep after my chldren and tolerate and serve, and give, and love. I was again prepared for bedtimes and disciplines, hugs and as much care and cheerleading that I could give. Having a thankful heart had released me from my tension into calm, but it really started with the ironic appreciation of a four year old boy who believed wholeheartedly that I was BEAUTIFUL!

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